Associazione Regionale Abruzzese Delco


The 26th Annual Dinner Dance

Honoring the Achievements of our Fellow Italian Descendants

Michael D. Cirigliano M.D., FACP

Founder’s Associate Professor of Medicine

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


Mr. Raymond J. Delfera

Owner of Delfera Heating and Cooling, Co.

Leaders in the Italian American Community

We will also honor two students who have excelled in Italian language studies.

Sunday, October 29, 2017   4:00pm ~ 9:00pm

The Heritage Ballrooms

2107 Mac Dade Blvd.

Holmes, Pa. 19043


From New York featuring the music of

Vito Lombardo
One Hour Open Bar with Hors D’oeuvres. Wine served with dinner

Dinner Choice: New York Strip Steak or Crab Cakes

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ARA DELCO 528 Camelot Drive P.O Box 902
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Your tickets will be sent by mail.  Please order your tickets as soon as possible.

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Additionally, we request that each member try to sell ads for our program book to raise funds for the Organization.

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Make checks payable to:Assoc. Regionale Abruzzese Delco. For additional information call Lou DePietro, banquet chairman at (610) 842-6180, Depietrol@delcora.org. or any other member of the board. Visit our website at www.abruzzidelco.com and e-mail us to order your tickets.  

We would love to see you at our Italian style banquet. Venite a passare una bella serata uniti con paesani e amici.