Associazione Regionale Abruzzese Delco 

Our association is formed by men and women of Italian birth, Americans of Italian decent and many others just interested in the Italian culture and language. We are located in Delaware County and invite all those who may be interested in our activities and goals to join us.
L’Associazione Regionale Abruzzese Delco is very active in our local community. Several of our functions include:
Italian language school-–The school is intended for beginners as well as those more
advanced in the Italian language seeking to either learn the language or perfect their skills.
For information call Casilda Quaciari at 484-680-1172 or e-mail at nrapagnani@yahoo.com
Italian language and culture club—This program is offered to the 7th & 8th grade students of St. Mary Magdalen Elementary school in Upper Providence, PA.
Mass in the Italian language-— St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Upper Providence has
agreed to celebrate Mass in the Italian language for us on a quarterly basis.
Monthly movies in the Italian language—This program is under the direction of Dr.
Thomas Benedetti, Professor Italian language program at Widener University offering free Italian movies the last Wednesday of each month.
Bocce Club— Bocce club members meet every Friday evening for a fun filled evening
of bocce, food, and camaraderie with friends. Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Court behind the garages.
Annual Dinner Dance—Festive occasion with dinner and dancing, recognition of a local
individual/individuals who contribute to the fostering of the Italian culture and language in the United States.
Annual Christmas Party—Fun filled afternoon with live music, buffet dinner, and visit
by Santa and Mrs. Claus with distribution of gifts for the children.
Annual Fundraiser —Afternoon of music, buffet dinner to raise monies for Don
Guanella’s outreach program & our own scholarship fund.
Periodic Special Fundraisers—The Organization will occasionally hold a special
fundraiser in order to support a major concern or disaster.
Scholarship program—Annual rewarding of young individuals showing a special
interest in the Italian language and culture.
Youth Soccer—Sponsor of a youth soccer team in the Aston Soccer league.
Annual Italian Music Festival—Held in conjunction with the Foreign Language
department of Widener University in April.
Italian American Heritage Festival—Our organization has been a major contributor
and sponsor to the Italian American Heritage Festival held annually in Rose Tree Park the first Sunday of June.
Italian Radio Program—- Under the auspices of Associazione Regionale Abruzzese DELCO. Sunday morning at 9am Italian Radio Program “Mattinata Musicale” started
broadcasting on WTEL AM (formerly WIP 610), hosted by Melissa Cannavo-Marino
Cannavo-Marino also hosts “Mattinata Musicale” on Wilmington’s 1450 AM WILM’s “Radio Italian Style” programs Sunday mornings at 8am.


For additional information please call……..
Nicholas Rapagnani, President, at 610-874-4149

For More information please contact us anytime!

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  2. Fratelli e Sorelle:
    Because I live in Central Pennsylvania (near Harrisburg) I cannot attend the great events of the Associazione. Abruzzo has a rich historical and cultural heritage. We carry that heritage and would like to pass it on to the next generation. The Associazione is marvelously positioned to promote an understanding of that heritage. This can be done various ways by using this website and the newsletter to insert stories, and even occasional live presentations by an expert to the members of the Associazione. There are 2 professors who could advise: Dr. Thomas Benedetti, Dr. Lawrence DiPaolo, in addition to many others in the Philadelphia area. Attached is the website for the Washington area Abruzzo Molise Heritage Society. They have interesting cultural programs: http://www.abruzzomoliseheritagesociety.org/ For example, they had a presentation on the annual migration of sheep from the mountains to the grasslands(tratturi), which some of us are old enough to remember. There are a lot of interesting things which could be done, calling upon the beautiful creativity of the sons and daughters of Abruzzo.


  3. I am writing to request assistance in preserving the childhood home of Italian American Adelina Patti, the most famous 19th century singer. She was the first Diva and was able to overcome sexism of the era. Adelina was an Immigrant to New York and a social justice advocate, who treated her staff like family, which was unheard of at the time. Adelina also suffered discrimination because her family was Italian and working class. Her parents used her money as a child prodigy to build the Wakefield home (which is now the Bronx).
       Adelina’s childhood home is on Matilda Ave in the Wakefield section of what is now the Bronx. (This was part of Westchester county at the time. When the records were transferred to the Bronx and her house has been forgotten about). Adelina Patti was almost as famous as Queen Victoria in her day.  She sang for President Lincoln, Queen Victoria and thousands others all over Europe, North and South America. All of our great grandparents were big fans of hers. Her other homes in Manhattan were torn down decades ago.  Adelina’s home deserves protection as a landmark status. (See attached)
      NYC  is currently reviewing all of the historical documents on this home.  They are currently building condos all around the area.   Please help preserve Adelina’s legacy for future generations. Please email the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission and tell them to preserve the Adelina Patti home in Wakefield (Bronx) by giving it official NYC landmark status. Emails from the public can greatly help the cause.  Here’s the contact information : Landmark preservation commission: RFE@lpc.nyc.gov


  4. Hello ! My name is Alessandra i am an Italian Abruzzese girl from Roseto Degli Abruzzi staying here on a ESTA visa. I have just recently graduated college in italy at Verona University. I am now living in Delco and was wondering if this association helps abruzzese people find work here in delco or provides any such programs.


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